Welcome to the world of A2 milk, the healthy, genuine, traditional milk without additives.
All over the world, people enjoy the rich flavour of this delicious, easily digested product. Pure and healthy A2 milk is now also fully available in the Netherlands under the name A2A2. Taste the difference!

A2A2 Milk

A2 milk is a delicious, rich, nourishing natural cow’s milk. It is digested more easily than ordinary milk and can give comfort. There was a time when all cows produced milk with a specific protein composition. These are what we call traditional cattle. As a result of intensive breeding and manipulation of cattle species, the milk production of cows was boosted, which in turn led to a different protein composition.
“Four times less of a bloated feeling.”
“I am much more tolerant of this milk than the milk I used to drink.”
“Instead of having to offer it to them, my children now ask me for milk.”

the best feeding without additives
only A2A2 cows
source of calcium

About us

A2A2 milk guarantees pure, 100% A2 milk that is produced by specially selected cows. Our organisation is completely transparent. Our farmers and our processes are open to inspection by everyone. Even by consumers.


No A2 milk without cows, no cows without farmers. We cherish them both. Together with our farmers, we develop new techniques and amazing top-quality A2A2 products on the basis of existing and new insights. The result is an honest, healthy, clear and traceable product for the consumer. We work together with these innovative farmers. This way, we return a share of the proceeds to the farmers, which enables them to maintain specific development programmes. The entire concept prevents them from being unnecessarily burdened and enables them to focus on farming.


Yes, A2A2 milk costs a little more than regular milk. This is because A2 cows are kept as biological live stock. Each cow is tested for A2, and the milk is processed separately from regular milk (under no circumstances is it allowed to mix with A1 milk). The production process is comparable to the separation of biological free-range eggs from eggs collected in a battery cage

A2 milk is a delicious, rich, nourishing natural cow’s milk. It is digested differently than ordinary milk and can give an increased sense of comfort to those who drink it. A2 milk only differs on 1 point from regular cow’s milk as you know it:

All cow’s milk contains proteins. We select a specific cow breed known to produce only A2 proteins, not A1 proteins. Traditional cows (just like sheep, goats and buffaloes) produce milk with a specific, A2 casein protein-rich composition. Research shows that the human body digests A2 proteins differently than it does A1 proteins. The small difference between A1 and A2 can make a difference.

A2 milk is pure milk. It comes straight from the cow and is not processed any differently than biological milk. It looks like milk, tastes of milk, is 100% natural and extremely nutritious. In fact, A2 milk is milk as it should be. Just like regular cow’s milk, it is suitable for all age groups. The only difference is the type of protein, which is produced exclusively by specific (traditional) breeds of cattle. Our farmers select cows known to only produce the protein known as A2 beta casein protein. Traditional free-range cows.

A2 milk is often mixed with A1 milk, and cows do not always produce 100% A2 milk. Sadly, the benefits and comforting sensation of pure, 100% A2 milk can then not be guaranteed. We offer 100% A2 milk, which is also referred to as A2A2 milk. The name indicates the exclusive presence of A2A2 presence in our product.

A2 is a natural cow’s milk. It is not the result of technological or genetic processes. A2 milk is in fact the one and only genuine traditional milk. Our milk is pure, 100% natural and free of additives.

Yes, absolutely. Just like ‘regular’ milk, A2 milk can be enjoyed by the whole family. Delicious in coffee, for breakfast, in hot chocolate, as a base for milk shakes, as a refreshing, cooled drink, in batter, etc. etc.

A2 milk has been fully available in many countries that include Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom, where countless people benefit from its properties. The reason for this is the fact that those countries had been researching this type of milk for a very long period of time. Pure and healthy A2 milk can at last now also be enjoyed by everyone in the Netherlands. Do you want to know where to get A2 milk close to you? This site will soon feature a complete overview of A2 milk outlets.

More than 100 evidence-based scientific researches support the beneficial properties of A2 milk. The most recent human-based study was published in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (June 2014). It demonstrates the digestive differences between A1 and A2 proteins and supports various recently published animal-based studies.

We support all scientific research into the differences between A2 and A1 protein compositions in dairy products and baby milk, as well as the impact of those compositions on tolerance and health.

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